At Remedy Interactive, we're passionate about delivering innovative and intelligent safety software. That's why we joined Enviance. The Enviance system helps businesses proactively manage what matters in EH&S: compliance and operational risk. Enviance's data-driven business solutions help you make better decisions for your people, business, and the environment, based on the broadest data and insights possible.

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Job Hazard Analysis Software

Virtually eliminate process failures and reduce risk

Reduce and control risk

Reduce and control risk

Reduce and control risk

Make data-driven decisions with extensive program management tools that track teams, tasks, hazards, risks and results

Optimize safety management

Optimize safety management

Optimize safety management

Streamline your global job hazard analysis processes and eliminate process failures

Unmatched customizability

Unmatched customizability

Unmatched customizability

Meet your job hazard analysis needs by configuring the software to your unique processes and roles



Remedy Interactive’s Job Hazard Analysis Software allows you to cut your safety management time in half and double the time you spend on preventing injuries. Automation of the job hazard analysis process empowers your health and safety team to virtually eliminate program process failures and reduce risk throughout the organization.

Now, with the release of 2.0, you can further reduce management time and lower overhead costs.

See below to learn about new features in 2.0



  • Enterprise-wide hazard prioritization – Maintain compliance with OHSAS 18001/ISO 14001 by prioritizing hazards across locations while performing job-by-job analyses.
  • Effective communication automation – Distribute up-to-date information to target audiences via integration with email, safety portals and other existing systems.
  • Simplified notifications – Reminders and alerts keep stakeholders in the loop and increase accountability.
  • Streamlined writing and approval process – Automated to-do list management and email communication of assignments reduce management time and overhead.

Powerful Decision-Making Analytics

  • Safety control prioritization – Intelligently prioritize controls with the ability to analyze new efforts based on your organization’s historical data.
  • Measured risk reduction – Easily track and analyze the effectiveness, impact and cost of controls in order to drive continual program improvement.
  • Uniquely integrated analysis – Optimize risk reduction and resource allocation by collecting and analyzing the hazard data conducted during the JHA process with the injury and illness data gathered in the Incident Management Software.

Extensive Safety Management Tools

  • Centralized hazard information – Collect and record hazards, controls and risk analysis in a consistent, standardized way that can be shared easily throughout the organization.
  • Pre-populated, customizable hazard categorization – Standardize your program vocabulary for hazards, while ensuring that those responsible for hazard classification consider all the most likely options.
  • Accountability measures – Improve accountability and safety management across your organization with automated tasks, deadlines and tracking.
  • Efficient employee engagement – Capture, store and disseminate hazard and control details to employees for each job and task.
  • Conform to regulations and industry standards – Stop worrying about keeping up with compliance, and start focusing on safety by maintaining compliance with OSHA’s General Duty Clause and OHSAS 18001.

Flexibility to Fit Your Organization

  • Adaptable JHA management processes – Minimize the need for change management with job hazard analysis software flexible enough to match your program’s processes.
  • Customizable risk matrices – Achieve consistency with your existing risk method with the ability to modify the inputs into risk calculations.
  • Optimized for mobile – Access the web-based solution anywhere and anytime, from an iPad or other tablet device.
  • Global capabilities – Our solution supports the languages, regions, and platforms unique to your organization.
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